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Andrea Petrini-global food critic (One of the most powerful figures in food): »I just tasted in Slovenia the best niche and top notch charcuterie ever and it comes from the life commitment of a young local genius, David Lesar«

Maurilio Garola (La Ciau del Tornavento *): »The Rolex salami«

Nicolai Norregard (KADEAU **): »The Bear Salami legend, David Lesar is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met! Truly inspiring. The ten years cured bear salami was mind blowing!«

Ana Roš (HIŠA FRANKO **): »they taste hell amazing

Rene Redzepi (NOMA ***): »Enjoy the best bear salami«

Michelin guide»meet David Lesar the young and dynamic owner of BioSing, a small dried meat company which makes of the finest salamis in the country«

Identita Golose: »BioSing, la Rolls-Royce dei salumi sloveni«

Madeleine Jakits (Der Feinschmecker): »BioSing Salami vom Braunbären ist  ein echter Geheimtipp. Wir haben uns an Sloweniens Geschmakswunder herangepirscht.«

Antje-Katrin Schaniel (Senzacamedi): »BioSing Erzeugnisse nicht zu verkosten wäre eine verpasste Chance auf den Gourmet Himmel.«

Kaja Sajovic (International food critic, journalist): »@the craziest salami place you can find anywhere«

Caviar among meats

Read a short description of the story and tasting of BioSing products as viewed by journalists and culinary criitics.

David Lesar is the founder and the driving force behind BioSing. He lives and works in the Ribnica Valley, a place in Slovenia with a centuries-old tradition of crafts and the first products to be exported outside the country. David is just as craftsman as most people in these places, but instead of carving wood, he processes meat in a very special way.

His passion is creating  boutique cured meats of the highest quality with – it goes without saying – no additives or other industrial shortcuts. BioSing are strongly different from anything you can find in the market in many ways: their processing, fragrance and taste, history, philosophy and principles, such as reducing meat consumption and therefore opting for top quality. The salamis made from bear, deer and pork are matured underground in clay-clad ageing rooms in line with the lunar phases.

Tasting the products of this visionary young producer in his cellar in combination with selected natural wines is a theatrical experience. The special experience also includes the tasting of the G-LINE salamis, meats aged for several years, which are a true explosion of taste, reminding of all the right reasons to become a foodie.

Over the years, the salamis where called many different things by journalists and food writers: from ‘caviar among meats’ to ‘salamis that hit the G-spot’. While describing David’s enthusiasm, tender love and care, as well as the devotion to his BioSing products, the writers never forget to mention that the not-too-cheap products are so exclusive, they can only be found in a selection of top restaurants.

If you happen to visit David’s cellar, you are definitely going to take part in something unforgettable.

Recombined from texts published in: GAULT MILLAU, PLAYBOY, FINANCE, MMC.

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Michelin Guide: meet David Lesar the young and dynamic owner of BioSing, a small dried meat company which makes of the finest salamis in the country.

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