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since 1492

The BioSing products come from a centuries-old tradition of Ribnica, where men used to travel to far places to sell their wooden wares. As they wanted to be sure to have good food anywhere, they were taking with them the best they had: home sausages, made using the ancient natural methods of careful curing and drying.

Although the tradition of peddling woodware cannot be accurately dated, Emperor Frederick III granted the Pedlar’s License to the people of Ribnica on 23  october 1492, but cured meat most probably became a special craft much earlier.

“We stick to the
traditional methods,
which we have given a very
personal touch.”


I see the name BioSing as an abbreviation for Bio Salami Engineering, as the production has been re-engineered from scratch: from the careful selection of the meat, through the attentive processing until the final touches, the presentation and the tasting.

SINCE 1492.
I am proud of my origins, of the traditional pedlars’ knowledge, of my land, the pristine air and clear waters, of all the ingredients that are needed for a premium product.

The result are gourmet products and selected aromas that open up new horizons.

The salami and sausages are premium selection products prepared for people who value great taste. You will not find them in regular shops as tasting these products is and should be a special experience.

The BioSing products have been created for tasting and combining with selection wines.

I have decided to bring back production from an industrial approach back to its roots, to craftmanship. I have dropped all preservatives, additives and industrial shortcuts.

While sticking to the highest standards, I strive to achieve the fullest and richest aromas, peculiar bouquets and natural flavours.

The products are partly smoked in a natural way. The specially prepared smoke from beech wood is slowly cooled down in clay underground tubes in order to maintain the esters that give the products their fine aroma.

I am very glad that the BioSing products do not contain additives, as they are not only natural and pristine, but I believe them to be true remedies. The meat is fermented by naturally present micro-organisms and, containing large amounts of probiotics, are to be considered complex food.

The carefully selected meat is only processed during the right lunar phase.

The meat and the ham are not grounded, but cubed. We have obtained the international BIO manufacturing certificate.

We almost use exclusively organic pork of the heirloom variety of Krško Polje. The meat contains considerable amounts and optimum ratios of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. The meat comes with 75% less cholesterol than farmed pork and half the cholesterol of farmed beef and poultry.

Premium products require premium serving:
- patented serving plate
- the BioSing SERVIR serving set
- a special timber cutter

The products are aged in special, naturally ventilated underground clay chambers with manual regulation of temperature. The hyphae of the white moulds can therefore naturally grow through the casings and thus release the lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes into the meat. This has a remarkable impact on the ageing and gives BioSing products their supreme and delicate taste.

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